Chinese Herbs For Your Dog’s Arthritis

The AW Academy Team · August 12, 2022

Course Description

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine uses ancient herbs to help fight pain by focusing on the root of your dog’s arthritis.

Things to Learn

  • The TCVM approach
  • Qi and arthritis
  • How Chinese herbs help
  • Chinese herbs for arthritis

Who this course is for:

Types of animal this course is for:

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The AW Academy Team

AW ACADEMY is a natural extension of our 22 years of experience publishing Animal Wellness, Equine Wellness and Innovative Veterinary Care Journal. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to care for animals to the best of their ability utilizing the most natural and minimally invasive means possible. We feel strongly that it’s better to promote a preventative healthy lifestyle for our pets instead of taking a wait-and-see approach. We also fiercely advocate for the quality of animals’ lives, supporting animal rescues and welfare organizations both financially and through our editorial.

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