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As a pet or equine industry expert, we would like to invite you to share your knowledge, grow your brand and earn revenue by helping spread the word about the AW ACADEMY.  A reciprocal relationship that supports your own personal and business-related initiatives. The AW ACADEMY also makes it easier for consumers, retailers, and para-professionals to find quality education across a broad scope of topics all in one easy to use platform.

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How does Your AW Academy Partnership work?

  • 1. Provide Education

    Join other leading industry experts, veterinarians, product innovators, and para-professionals in donating educational videos or courses that provide meaningful learning for the dog, cat or equine enthusiast.

    Extend your brand awareness by providing educational feature content in the form of editorials, blogs, news or Top Tips to be featured on the Animal Wellness or Equine Wellness magazine’s multimedia platform that is read and respected around the world.

  • 2. Recommend the AW Academy

    We want to spread the word and you can help ensure this education is found by thousands of animal lovers. Promote the AW Academy with your clients, friends and followers using our custom linking and marketing tools.

    We provide you with:
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Campaigns Templates
    • Newsletter copy
    • Embedding Code for Tracking Affiliate Revenue

  • 3. Earn Money for Your Partnership

    Watch your earnings grow rapidly! Every time someone purchases an AW Academy Membership using your unique referral link, you will earn 33% in Affiliate Commission up to $100 per transaction with instantaneous direct payment.

    As well we will deliver mass exposure to promote your other educational programs or products with a direct url link to your website or online reseller.

Submitting Educational Videos

Animal Wellness Academy videos are authentic, actionable and designed to help the life of an animal or enhance the bond that we share with them. Videos are to fall under one of our 4 Pillars of Wellness:

Natural Health

The latest trends in health and wellness solutions including integrative protocols, supplements and natural healing modalities as well as new innovations in medical technology.

Natural Nutrition

Only the best quality options available for every budget ranging from the best in commercially prepared foods to latest raw food diets plus treats to enhance health and bond.

Quality Lifestyle

Embracing ways to ensure that we enjoy the best life possible with our beautiful animals with topics ranging from travel, home and garden, fitness, clothing and accessories, and more.

Positive Training

Training is not the same for all animals but it should always be a positive experience for the animal and the trainer.  Deliver the best tips and systems to train pets/horses helping people with the most basic needs to challenging situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Educator Network program work?

You sign up and submit educational videos (MP4) and courses to the AW Academy via our easy uploading system. Once approved, we will provide you with unique referral links to be embedded on your website, added to emails, or shared on social media. You earn a 33% affiliate commission for every
person who buys a membership to the AW Academy through your link.

How do I qualify for this program?

Vets, paraprofessionals, pet product creators and pet industry experts are eligible to participate. Videos must be original, have good production quality and be of the highest possible educational standard. Our editorial team will evaluate the content and once approved you will be notified and added to the
Educator Network program.

How do I earn passive income with this program?

We will provide you with unique referral links and digital promotional materials that you can share with your followers or customers. These links tag them with your name identifying you as the recipient for referral income. Whenever someone you have shared this link with signs up for an AW Academy Membership you earn up to $100 (discounts may apply at the time of purchase). 

Payouts to you are virtually instantaneous as each membership is purchased and your referral fee is payable through PayPal or
direct deposit.

How do I sign up to the program?

Sign up for the program and submit your videos for approval here. AW Academy will review your application and content if you meet the qualifying criteria. Learn about criteria here.

More questions?

Reach out to us directly at for assistance.

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