3 Natural Tick Repellents for Dogs

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3 Natural Tick Repellents for Dogs

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The reported cases of Lyme disease are growing exponentially every year. Fortunately, there are a number of natural tick repellents you can use to protect your dogs.

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Learn how you can use these 3 natural alternatives to traditional chemical repellents to help keep you and your dog safe from ticks and the diseases they carry with them.

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Kyle Holgate writes about all things dog on his website Woof Whiskers. He’s most passionate around researching and analyzing dog food nutrition and how pet owners can better care for their pets. His articles have been featured on websites like Pet Food Industry and Business Insider. He owns two mixed breeds – a Golden Retriever/Australian Shepard mix named Kartoffel and a Husky mix named Pidgy. Kartoffel and Pidgy love helping Kyle with paws-on reviews of all the latest and greatest pet products for the site.

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