Chronic Enteropathy, Leaky Gut Syndrome and Mechanisms

Duration: 55:30

Dawn Kingsbury, DVM · April 19, 2021
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Course Description

CE doesn’t just stand for Continuing Education, it also stands for Chronic Enteropathy (CE). Chronic enteropathy may be an ideal term to describe gastrointestinal (GI) disease that lasts longer than three weeks in cats and dogs and lacks a more specific diagnosis. A useful framework is provided that can be carried through the diagnostic journey without overstatement. Further refinement can be defined by response to treatment, including discussion on disease mechanisms such as leaky gut.

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Dawn Kingsbury, DVM

Trained at UF (BS), NCSU (DVM), Tufts (internship) and ISU (Small Animal Internal Medicine residency), Dawn Kingsbury has worked in general, as well as specialty, practice settings. Her wanderlust saw her working in academic settings at Massey University, New Zealand; University College Dublin, Ireland; and U-Vet Werribee, Melbourne, Australia. She has experience in stem cell research. Her PhD in integrative pathobiology was at the University of California at Davis

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