Pet Nutrition in Flux – Why Whole Food Still Makes the Most Sense

Duration: 27:20

Tom Cameron, DVM · April 13, 2021
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Course Description

The pet food industry today is full of confusion, both for veterinarians and pet owners, with conflicting viewpoints on the best way to feed our pets. Pet owners don’t know who to trust and are looking for guidance. Grain-based, grain-free, raw, fresh frozen, freeze-dried, canned, vegetarian/plant-based – all have been touted as the best (and sometimes the most dangerous) pet diets. This is a “kitchen table” discussion on why whole foods are so important, with feeding strategies for modern times

About Instructor

Tom Cameron, DVM

Dr. Cameron earned his DVM from Michigan State University in 1982. A long-time proponent of canine and feline nutrition, he speaks nationally on the role of therapeutic nutrition in veterinary medicine. After 25 years of private practice, Dr. Cameron spent nine years as Director of Veterinary Education and Technical Support at Standard Process Inc. Other areas of interest include photonic therapy and cold laser treatments. He continues to teach veterinarians and pet owners how to use nutrition and targeted supplementation to optimize health. Dr. Cameron currently serves as a consulting veterinarian for Nature’s Logic, a 100% natural pet food with no synthetic vitamins or minerals

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