Why Is My Cat Yowling At Night?

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Vicki Smirnova · August 4, 2022

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Is your cat yowling until the wee hours of the morning? Take a look at a few possible reasons for this annoying behavior, and what you can do to fix it.
Cats have their own ways of communicating – and unfortunately, this can include loud meowing or “yowling.” This type of excessive vocalization often occurs at night, and maybe signal that something is wrong with your feline companion. Taking steps to understand why she’s yowling is the best way to thwart this unwanted behavior.

Things to Learn

  • Possible explanations for excessive yowling
  • Cats are active at night
  • Boredom might be a factor
  • Could it be a health issue?
  • Train your cat to be less vocal
  • What not to do

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Vicki Smirnova

Vicki Smirnova is a professional writer who specializes in writing articles about dog and cat care. She aims to help pet parents live in harmony with their animal companions. She currently works as a Senior Content Editor for ThePets, a helpful resource for pet owners.

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