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Aromatherapy for dogs
The AW Academy Team

Aromatherapy For Dogs

Course Description Wild about aromatherapy? Take a look at some popular essential oils and the benefits they offer dogs! Things to Learn Popular essential oils

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Homeopathic animal college
Sandra Murphy

Homeopathic Animal College

Course Description The College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine is bridging the gap between veterinarians and homeopaths, and healing animals in the most natural way possible.

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Melatonin for dogs and cats
Shawn Messonnier, DVM

Melatonin For Dogs And Cats

Course Description Along with promoting sleep, melatonin may also help with Cushing’s disease, separation anxiety and other dog and cat health problems. Things to Learn

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What is feline hyperesthesia?
Karen Shaw Becker, DVM

What Is Feline Hyperesthesia?

Course Description From their physiology, to their nutritional requirements, to their astonishing physical flexibility, felines are unique among mammal species. Another very unusual thing about

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