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We know how important it is to get your message in front of the right potential donors, at the right time. That’s why we’ve created the AW ACADEMY Charity Network!

In exchange for helping to spread the word about AW ACADEMY, we will feature your charity in our exclusive Charity Network Showcase. Your organization will also get complimentary Gold Membership access to out educational resources, PLUS you will be eligible to earn up to 20% of the membership fee for each person you refer to AW ACADEMY.

FREE  Gold Membership for Charity Network Partners

How does Your AW Academy Charity Network Partnership work?

  • 1. Send us your charity details

    Join other animal charities, rescues, and non-profits in becoming a part of the AW ACADEMY Charity Network. Simply apply here to claim your spot on the Charity Network Showcase and start sharing your mission and fundraising goals with hundreds of passionate pet parents.

    Have educational videos? Apply to our Educator Network program as well and earn even more for each referral you make – up to $100 per person!

  • 2. Recommend the AW Academy

    We want to spread the word and you can help ensure this education is found by thousands of animal lovers. Promote the AW Academy with your clients, previous donors, friends and followers using our custom linking and marketing tools.

    We provide you with:
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Campaigns Templates
    • Newsletter copy
    • Embedding Code for Tracking Affiliate Revenue

  • 3. Earn Money and promote your charity

    Watch your earnings and charitable donations grow rapidly! Every time someone purchases an AW Academy Membership using your unique referral link, you will earn 20% in Affiliate Commission up to $60 per transaction with instantaneous direct payment. In addition, your charity will be featured on our Charity Network Showcase, helping you share your mission with hundreds of potential donors 24/7/365. The Charity Network Showcase refers AW Academy members directly to your website, so be prepared to "wow" them!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Charity Network program work?

You sign up and submit information about your charity to the AW ACADEMY via our easy uploading system (You can also donate educational resources like videos and articles – see the Educator Network program for more info). Once approved, we will provide you with unique referral links to be embedded on your website, added to emails, or shared on social media. You earn a 20% affiliate commission for every person who buys a membership to the AW ACADEMY through your link.

How do I qualify for this program?

Registered charities and non-profits in the jurisdiction you operate within are eligible to participate. Our Charity Network team will review your application and once approved you will be notified and added to the
Charity Network program.

How do I earn passive income with this program?

We will provide you with unique referral links and digital promotional materials that you can share with your followers or previous donors. These links tag them with your name identifying you as the recipient for referral income. Whenever someone you have shared this link with signs up for an AW ACADEMY Membership you earn up to $60 (discounts may apply at the time of purchase). 

Payouts to you are virtually instantaneous as each membership is purchased and your referral fee is payable through PayPal or direct deposit.

How do I sign up to the program?

Sign up for the program and submit your Charity Network application for approval here. AW ACADEMY will review your application (and educational content, if you are simultaneously applying for the Educator Network program) if you meet the qualifying criteria. Learn about criteria here.

More questions?

Reach out to us directly at for assistance.

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