Additives and Adjuvants in Animal Vaccines

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W. Jean Dodds, DVM · August 10, 2022

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The core vaccines you give your puppy or kitten contain antigens that mount an immune response against infectious diseases. But vaccines also contain a variety of additives and adjuvants that can increase the risk of adverse reactions to the shots. It’s important to know something about these additional ingredients, to talk to your vet about any concerns, and to help protect your pet by avoiding unnecessary vaccination wherever possible.

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Learn the additional ingredients in your animal’s vaccine that can raise the risk of adverse reactions and how you can help keep your pet safe.

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W. Jean Dodds, DVM

Dr. Jean Dodds received her veterinary degree in 1964 from the Ontario Veterinary College. In 1986, she established Hemopet, the first non-profit national blood bank program for animals. Today, Hemopet also runs Hemolife, an international veterinary specialty diagnostics service. Dr. Dodds has been a member of many committees on hematology, animal models of human disease and veterinary medicine. She received the Holistic Veterinarian of the Year Award from the AHVMA in 1994, has served two terms on the AHVMA’s Board of Directors, chairs their Communications Committee, and currently serves on the Board of the AHVMF, as well as its Research Grant and Editorial Committees

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