AstaReal® Astaxanthin for Muscle Performance and Mobility

AstaReal® Astaxanthin for Muscle Performance and Mobility

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Canine nutrition has the potential to optimize muscle performance, support mobility through aging, and improve quality of life. This webinar examines current recommendations in canine nutrition, the role of dietary antioxidants, with a special focus on natural astaxanthin as an emerging dietary antioxidant for mitochondrial and muscle health. The course will review current body of evidence for the dietary antioxidant, natural astaxanthin, in supporting mitochondrial health, muscle function, and exercise-induced adult hippocampal neurogenesis. This course is taught by Dr. Barbara Royal, is a Chicago veterinarian, IVAS certified acupuncturist, author and lecturer, and Karen Hecht, Ph.D. and Scientific Affairs Manager at AstaReal Inc.

Things to Learn

  • Understand dietary patterns of canines and the role of plant material in their diet.
  • Recognize food group distribution contributing to a balanced diet.
  • Learn how food processing can affect availability and activity of macro- and micronutrients.
  • Identify endogenous and dietary antioxidants and how they complement each other to promote redox homeostasis.
  • Be able to define free radicals, antioxidants, and oxidative stress and appreciate their impact of canine health.
  • Learn about dietary sources of astaxanthin and its unique properties as an antioxidant.
  • Become familiar with studies showing the impact of astaxanthin on mitochondrial health and substrate utilization for metabolism.
  • Learn about the role of natural astaxanthin in supporting recovery of muscles from exercise.
  • Become familiar with studies showing how astaxanthin can boost the effect of exercise training in young and old.
  • Understand the association between dietary and exercise interventions on overall health as illustrated by studies looking at the effects of astaxanthin and exercise on cognitive function.

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Veterinarian Dr. Barbara Royal is a Chicago veterinarian, IVAS certified acupuncturist, author and lecturer with extensive experience in veterinary care, including zoo, marine and wildlife animals, nutrition, acupuncture, emergency medicine, pathology, conventional practices, herbal remedies, physical rehabilitation techniques and alternative treatments. Dr. Royal is a past president of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association ( Author of The Royal Treatment, A Natural Approach to Wildly Healthy Pets, she is also is the founder and owner of The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center in Chicago

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