Biosecurity In Practice: Working Together To Prevent Infectious Disease

Duration: 56:30

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Course Description

One Health aims to understand and address health and disease arising from the intricate relationship between human, animal and environment through multidisciplinary collaboration. Today more than ever, veterinarians must play a key role in preventing infectious diseases not just in animals but the animal care team as well.

This talk will focus on approaching infection prevention through the One Health lens and will expand on examples of human and animal health that can be applied to small animal practice. The importance of vaccination, antibiotic stewardship and their role in One Health will be discussed.

About Instructor

Lucas Pantaleon, DVM, MBA

Dr Lucas Pantaleon is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Veterinarian and MBA. He has been working on topics related to infection prevention and One Health for 15 years. Through his company, DVM One Health and Ogena Solutions, he advises clients in different sectors of animal health with the ultimate aim of improving health of animals, people and environment. He has given presentations nationally and internationally as well as published many articles on topics related to infection prevention and biosecurity. Dr Pantaleon is involved in volunteer activities such as Co-Chair of the Membership and Communications Committee for the ACVIM and member of the Board of Directors for the NIAA. In his free time he enjoys sports and traveling with his family

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