Creating your Dream Horse

Duration: 27:13

Stormy May · June 25, 2021
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Creating a dream relationship with your horse starts with understanding ourselves and healing our traumas. Dive deep into the steps it takes to find peace, harmony and understanding in our relationships.

Things to Learn

Learn what gets in the way of compassionate relationships, it’s not what you think! Learn about the power of presence, the importance of reexamining beliefs and the value of working with a mentor to heal the traumas that get in the way of truly appreciating horses.

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Stormy May

Stormy May’s early career included horse training, competition and work as a Chief Horse Management Judge and National Examiner with the United States Pony Club. In 2006 she followed her dream to more deeply study the horse human bond, which resulted in the highly acclaimed documentary, The Path of the Horse. Now Stormy coaches people seeking to grow from their relationships with horses and all life. She is a lifelong student of horses, humans and our relationship with the natural world

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