Dressage Training In Hand: How To Build Up A Secure Framework For Your Horse

Duration: 21:18

Kathrin Roida · June 29, 2021
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Regardless of whether you are a recreational rider or an ambitious competitor. How do I start with work in hand? What should I put attention on? How do I position myself? How is the right assistance? Development of basic work as a secure framework for every breed.

Things to Learn

Keeping your horse in a good body shape without riding getting a flexible horse work in hand as a way to keep your horse healthy.

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Kathrin Roida

Kathrin Roida runs her own training stable in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany. She trains horses of all breeds and gives courses on work in hand throughout Europe, which are very popular. She herself is very versatile and manages to "build" a bridge to the equestrian sport, so she was and is successful in both jumping and dressage competitions up to advanced level. Many dressage riders asks for her help to improve Piaffe and Passage for the Grand Prix Sport.

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