Foundation of Partnership

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Elaine Sanders · June 28, 2021
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Course Description

What makes all the great horsemen and horsewomen great? Is it the specific techniques they use? Is it the equipment? Is it something special inside them? Or is it something else – something more foundational? Explore the science of connecting with the heart of your horse. Learn what gets in the way and discover exactly what you can do to connect with your horse the way the masters do.

No matter what method you follow, or what techniques you use, this is the foundation of it all.

Things to Learn

  • The secret skill that all great horsemen and -women have without even knowing it.
  • The science of partnership and how it begins inside of you and affects your horse and your horse-human team.
  • A practical technique that will create the partnership from the inside out, and exactly when to use the technique for maximum benefits.

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About Instructor

Elaine Sanders

As a born horse enthusiast, it has always been Elaine's dream to create a meaningful relationship with her horses. Rather than accumulating outer skills, Elaine went inwards to the heart of the matter to become the person that her horses want to connect with. She now combines her qualifications in Positive Psychology, HeartMath, and the Enneagram to teach others the inner skills to connect with their horses on a deep and mutually fulfilling level.

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