Helping Your Dog Choose Her Own Essential Oils

Duration: 02:58
Nayana Morag · September 15, 2021

Course Description

Essential oils can be very beneficial to dogs. Here’s a look at a selection of oils and their benefits, along with advice on how to find out which ones your dog prefers.

Things to Learn

Learn how to tell if your dog prefers one oil over another, and how to tell if they don’t like a specific oil.

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Nayana Morag

Nayana Morag is one of the world’s foremost experts in the use of essential oils and aromatic extracts for animals, and author of the book Essential Oils for Animals. She has developed a system of animal wellness called Animal PsychAromatica, which uses essential oils, TCM and the reduction of stress through natural management to create true well-being (EssentialAnimals.com).

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