How Tellington TTouch resolves canine behavior problems

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The AW Academy Team · August 4, 2022

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The Tellington TTouch® Method offers a novel way of shifting your dog’s behavior, leading to a deeper connection and bond with your canine companion. These three case studies show just how effective this technique is.
Much is written about positive reinforcement and other training techniques. They’re all wonderful, but what happens if you are caught in the moment with a misbehaving or difficult dog and must react on the spot? So many dogs have “issues,” from leash-pulling and inappropriate jumping to aggression and prey behavior. It’s no wonder so many ends up in shelters. If your own dog has stubborn or serious behavior problems, Tellington TTouch® may be the answer.

Things to Learn

  • Over the last 20 years, the Tellington TTouch Method has helped thousands of dogs and their guardians shift their behavior in just a few sessions or in the course of six-day training. In this course, we’ll look at three case studies of such breakthroughs, all involving dogs who previously displayed extreme behavioral challenges.

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