Leafy Greens for Dogs and Cats

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Leafy Greens for Dogs and Cats

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Don’t scold your dog or cat for nibbling your house plants – she’s telling you something! Many animals are deficient in the nutrients found in leafy greens. Meat should be the primary component of a carnivore’s diet, of course, but a diet containing no plant matter is a fast ticket to nutritional disaster. A dog or cat that eats no green foods is more likely to experience digestive disorders, trace mineral deficiencies and even some forms of cancer. An animal that eats a diet rich in greens is likely to have a long and healthy life.

Things to Learn

Learn all of the health benefits that feeding your dog or cat leafy greens and vegetables can bring, as well as which ones to avoid for each, and how to implement and incorporate leafy greens into your pets diet.

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Juniper Russo is a freelance writer and crazy animal lady living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. When she’s not busy spoiling and pampering her three rescued animals and her two awesome kids, she writes about a wide array of subjects including animals, science, green living, and health.

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