Natural Approach to Positive Behavior

Duration: 43:23
BlackWing Farms Remedies · September 9, 2021

Course Description

Animals are emotional storage units holding experiences and memories in their bodies and minds. Memories can trigger unacceptable (& dangerous) behaviors from past trauma, stress, or unfavorable training methods. If animals do not feel safe; they often act out with negative responses. Balance emotions and overall well-being with plant-based remedies; watch stressful behaviors disappear. Flower essences, essential oils, homeopathic remedies will transform problematic behaviors. See for yourself!

Things to Learn

  1. Practical applications of natural remedies in various situations and circumstances from Hurricane Katrina animal rescues to individual house pets.
  2. Learn how to read the body; read the mind and improve the behaviors. Step by step case studies of animals overcoming traumatic pasts and improving those negative behaviors.
  3. Discover which flowers, plants, and trees are best to use to help overall animal wellness and behavioral health and why.

About Instructor

BlackWing Farms Remedies

BlackWing Farms Remedies are the most amazing plant-based remedies enriching lives and relationships of humans and animals; always improving mental and emotional well-being while empowering rescuers, trainers, guardians, and health care workers with practical knowledge and visible behavior improvements. We are so proud of what we have accomplished and as a result, the successes people and the animals have enjoyed - inspiring us to keep going, keep reaching, and never giving up on anyone... ever!

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