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Piper Klemm · July 1, 2021
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The lecture discusses three categories of Opportunity: Opportunity Recognition, Opportunity Assessment, and Opportunity Realization. This system is applicable in every scenario, but the lecture specifically addresses how to use it when buying and selling horses and developing your equestrian business.

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Practicing and perfecting Opportunity Recognition, Opportunity Assessment, and Opportunity Realization in your life and in your equestrian business.

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Piper Klemm

Dr. Piper Klemm is the owner and publisher of The Plaid Horse. Her mission is to educate young equestrians in every facet of our industry and to empower young women in particular to find their voices and stories-and to share them. She has spent her entire career focusing on education through various channels, including The Plaidcast, North America's most listened-to horse show podcast; as a professor; co-authoring the Show Strides series; and by providing educational articles and grants.

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