Raw Diets For Dogs And Cats

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Raw Diets For Dogs And Cats

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You have so many choices when it comes to feeding your dog or cat a natural, healthy diet. Raw food is an increasingly popular option.
It’s easy to forget our four-legged friends are predators. But underneath their soft coats, wagging tails, kneading paws, and adoring eyes, even the most docile dogs and cats are built for hunting. Nature didn’t give them those powerful jaws and sharp teeth for nothing! A healthy diet for your dog or cat needs to be based on whole, named meats. Among the many quality natural pet foods you can now choose from are frozen raw diets. They’re ideal for those who want to feed their companions raw food, but also want the convenience of a canned or bagged product.

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Raw diets for dogs and cats
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Juniper Russo is a freelance writer and crazy animal lady living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. When she’s not busy spoiling and pampering her three rescued animals and her two awesome kids, she writes about a wide array of subjects including animals, science, green living, and health.

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