Reactive vs. Aggressive Dogs

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Marybeth Bittel · July 29, 2022

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A dog displaying signs of reactivity isn’t necessarily aggressive. However, it’s important to understand the difference between these two states and to prevent a reactive dog from crossing the threshold into anger and hostility.

What does it mean when someone says a dog is “reactive”? This word often causes feelings of uncertainty, trepidation, possibly even fear, because many people believe it means the dog is aggressive or hostile. It’s not surprising, because our perception of reactivity often correlates with a range of unpleasant, problematic personality traits, such as barking at everyone, lunging or charging at people, and growling or snapping. But do such traits automatically mean the dog is hostile and aggressive? Should a dog labelled as reactive always be considered a threat?

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Identify dog behaviour

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Marybeth Bittel

Marybeth Bittel is a freelance writer and marketing consultant who lives in the Great Lakes region with her husband and rescue dogs. She has spent more than 20 years working to nurture, re-socialize and rehabilitate abused rescues of all breeds, shapes and sizes.

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