Saddle Fitting An Owners Perspective

Duration: 23:06

Georgie Welge · June 28, 2021
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Course Description

In this video, we will learn about the construction and maintenance of your saddle so that we can be sure it remains as safe and comfy for you and your horse for as long as possible. We shall look at why saddle fit is so important for you and your horse.

Things to Learn

You will learn how to recognise the safety concerns your saddle may have. How to assess for obvious signs of an ill fitting saddle. Why it is so important to understand the accurate fitting of your saddle.

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About Instructor

Georgie Welge

Georgie Welge is first and foremost a horse lover. On top of that, she is one of the most qualified saddle fitters in the world. She was the first to have achieved three certifications from three different countries. She has been a saddle fitter for 15 years and is a lecturer at 2 major equine universities and colleges in the UK. Georgie has a natural passion for educating and sharing knowledge and she will help advise you on all areas of equine welfare, helping you to find that "missing piece".

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