Skin-Soothing Herbs for Your Dog or Cat

Duration: 08:51
Greg Tilford · November 4, 2021

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From allergies to liver deficiency, many things can cause itchy inflamed skin in our pets.

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Learn how these skin-soothing herbs can help ease your dog or cat’s discomfort while you get to the root of the problem.

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Greg Tilford

Greg Tilford is CEO and formulator of Animal Essentials Inc., and an industry consultant and custom formulator for veterinarians worldwide. He is the author of five books, including Herbs for Pets, the Natural Way to Enhance your Pet’s Life. He has taught at veterinary institutions and conferences, including the annual AHVMA conference. Greg serves as honorary advisor to the Japan Animal Wellness Association for international pet care professionals. He is a charter member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the NASC. He founded the Animal Products Committee of the American Herbal Products Association and has served on Health Canada’s Expert Advisory Committee for Veterinary Natural Health Products.

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