Diabetes in Dogs

Duration: 07:41
Karen Shaw Becker, DVM · November 4, 2021

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“Your dog is diabetic.” It’s a diagnosis no one wants to hear, but it’s becoming increasingly common. While the equivalent of human juvenile diabetes is rare in dogs – most are born with a fully functional pancreas that produces adequate insulin – middle-aged and older animals are much more prone to the disease.

Things to Learn

Canine diabetes may be prevented with a few simple lifestyle changes. Even if your dog has already been diagnosed with this serious condition, there are steps you can take. Here you will learn about it’s causes, treatment options and prevention.

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Karen Shaw Becker, DVM

Veterinarian Dr. Karen Shaw Becker received her degree from the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine. She owns/operates Natural Pet Animal Hospital, Feathers Bird Clinic, TheraPaw Rehabilitation and Pain Management Clinic and Covenant Wildlife Rehabilitation in Illinois. She co-authored Real Food for Healthy Pets and hosts a holistic animal wellness website (mercolahealthypets.com)

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